Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are our lives becoming just too fast-paced?

I needed to make a doctor's appointment, and the receptionist put me on hold. Later, I complained to my husband.

"I waited at least five minutes!" I told him.

I had just pulled into the drive-thru at McDonalds. "One moment, please," said the voice through the screen. The woman in the SUV behind me leaned out the driver's side window. "Haven't they taken your order yet?" she yelled at me.

Awhile back I had two assignments due at the same time. "Which do I need to do first?" I asked my editor. "Both," she said.

My son woke up early this morning, and went downstairs to watch cartoons. He dozed off again for about 10 minutes while I cooked him some bacon. When I woke him up, he was cranky.

"I fell asleep because breakfast took too long!" he told me accusingly.

There is fast-paced, and then there is crazy. Sometimes - a lot of times these days, actually, when we're moving too fast to even take a deep breath - I wonder if our lives have crossed the line.


  1. Hi Diane,

    I totally agree with you that the pace of life can be too fast and it makes people act crazy! I'm a firm believer in the need for "down-time" for all ages.

    BTW: I found you on Bloggy Moms and I'm now a follower of your blog. I invite you to check mine out and follow me too if you like it @

  2. Hey, Kristin!

    Thanks for the nice note and the follow!! I found your blog and love it - I'm hoping that maybe, somehow, you (or your kids) can teach me to have a semblance of a green thumb. Your urban farm looks amazing. My little garden plot ... not so much. :(