Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Son's bike riding means workouts for mom

I have a new exercise regimen - bike riding. But it's not what you think. See, I'm not riding the bike - my son is. I'm just running behind it.

Adding to the cardiovascular workout is the fact I have to constantly shout, "Careful!" and "Don't go too fast!!"

My son has mastered his two-wheeler. He had tried for awhile, become frustrated, then tried again. And now he's got it. He figured out how to balance the thing, and now he rides it everywhere. He's not quite a steering pro yet, so there are some iffy moments, but that'll come with time, I'm sure.

In the meantime, he couldn't wait to ride his bike to school. For months - this year and last - he'd watched those other kids zoom by, seemingly effortlessly, and I could see the longing in his eyes. Now it's his turn. He's incredibly excited.

But he wants me to come with him. Now, I could grab a bike, and we could ride together, but the sidewalks are narrow and the ride isn't that long, so I've chosen to puff along behind. I manage to keep up if I walk briskly and occasionally do the effective, if dorky, racewalk.

By the time I get home to get ready for work, though, I'm pretty much a sweaty mess. Oh, well. I'm just glad it's not a motorcycle.


  1. LOL. Your post brought back memories! We want to protect them, but we don't want to inhibit them. We want to be close by if they fall, but we don't want to embarrass them by hovering too much. Sounds like you've found a good balance, even if it is wearing you out!

    PS: I found your name on the Goodreads Self Published Authors group.

  2. Hi, Sandy! Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier - you're exactly right! I do want to protect him - but not TOO much! And, well, I need the exercise!!

    p.s. I'm so glad I found Goodreads!