Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If life were vacation, it would go something like this . . .

During the year, when I'm at work, I like to moan and groan about how busy I am. Life would be very different, I say, if only I had more spare time.

Well, I'm on vacation this week. And I think I'm getting a taste of what would happen if I allowed myself to live a totally unstructured life:

1. I would watch a lot of Food Network.

2. I would go to the gym in the morning and then go home and crash into bed.

3. I would eat too much candy.

4. I would play Mario checkers with my son - and lose.

5. I would have long conversations with the dog, who would start to look slightly bored.

6. I would drink many different types of coffee.

7. I would hang out at the library with all the other cool people.

8. I would  talk a lot about how the house was really messy and how I should clean it up. And then I would watch Food Network.

9. I would write.

10. I wouldn't have any excuses not to do all the stuff I've been putting off ... and I'd watch more Food Network.


  1. I love this post, I would probably do the same thing as you put on this list. I'm a stay at home mommy and my hubby is home on vacation, lets just say this list is exactly what I've been doing lol. But in my defense I was sick the first week!!

    Oh and food network has got to be the best thing ever thought of, I could watch it all day and night lol

  2. Thank you! Now, of course, I notice they have the Cooking Channel, too . . .

  3. Love Food Network--it's fun to dream for a little while. I would spend most of my time watching that and HGTV!!

  4. The candy thing would be my down fall! Found you on Bloggymommy's group for Michigan moms and wanted to say hi and welcome to Michigan