Monday, March 26, 2012

Things you learn spending time with your teen-age daughter (Hint: watch your mouth)

You learn a few things when you go shopping with your teen-age daughter.

You learn that some of the most popular stores have incredibly loud music, really narrow aisles and lots of girls so skinny you could probably bench-press them.

You learn that the style of shorts that you wear on a regular basis is hopelessly uncool.

You learn that the one way to get your daughter to never, ever listen to a song again is to say that you heard it in Jazzercize.

And bizarrely, you learn that you're not allowed to say the word "panty." Go figure. Although it's plastered all over the windows of Victoria's Secret, if  it comes from your mouth, it's suddenly gross and inappropriate.

Instead, you must use the word "underwear." And even then, for goodness' sakes, use it sparingly and try not to talk really loud or make a scene. Don't even think about touching one of the bras.

But despite all that, you also learn that spending that one-on-one time with your daughter is an incredibly fun way to spend an afternoon. You know - as long as you watch your mouth.


  1. Too true! I have found it better to keep my comments to myself because that way my daughter doesn't immediately get upset and we ruin a good mother-daughter day. But I can't stand the short shorts and the too sexy for a 14 year old bras and panties they are trying to wear these days. UGH!

    1. I agree! Some of the stuff in the stores is just crazy!! Luckily, that hasn't become an issue yet because she's just started getting interested in shopping... but I'm sure if she picks up something I consider inappropriate, I won't be able to hold my tongue!!