Monday, January 10, 2011

Today's world can be a terrifying place

I had a nightmare Saturday night - jumbled, disjointed, frightening scenes. It started with our family going to a store's grand opening. It ended with me being trapped inside, watching a plane crash-land in the parking lot and skid into the building as panic and chaos erupted all around me.

I couldn't find my husband; I couldn't find my children.

In the dream, I think I was in a Wal-mart, but I might as well have been in a Safeway, because I'm sure the murderous rampage in Arizona is what prompted it all.

It's a reminder of a cold, hard fact: Today's world can turn suddenly, unexpectedly deadly. There's no place completely safe, no place to hide. But thinking about that too much almost paralyzes me; it always has. Instead, I just hug my kids, kiss my husband and do the best I can to keep everyone safe and appreciate what I have.

Then I hope and pray the havoc stays in my dreams.


  1. I hate nights when my dreams get scary. I wake up tired and wishing for more sleep. I just bounced over from MBC. I'm going to click over and check out your book. How fun!

  2. Hey, Amy - thanks for stopping by!

    I usually don't have crazy dreams!! Here's to hoping that's the last one for awhile!!

    I hope you like the book - you can read a free sample from the smashwords site if you like the excerpt. : )

    Have a great evening!