Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mom's calendar can be exhausting

When I was back at school, I used to occasionally have something my roommates coined Sunday-night syndrome. You know, the nervous stomach, the fatigue ... that unsettled feeling.

It wasn't because I was a bad student, or I was dreading a test or anything. I would just look at everything I had to do that week and feel overwhelmed.

Little did I know how easy I had it back then - just me, work and classes. I can't believe I complained.

These days, I look at my helpful mom calendar/organizer on the bulletin board, and I sometimes wish I hadn't. School is back in. But then there's a day off. And here's an orthodontist appointment. And a doctor appointment. And jury duty for husband - where did that come from? And then there's a project due at work ... the one where no one's returning calls. Arrgh.

And there's lunches to be made, and bills to be paid. And sleep ... we all need sleep. No problem - I'm tired already.

But it's like we tell our kids,right? Just take it step by step. Pretty soon you'll be walking.

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  1. Really??! You say that? I thought we said:
    "I used to be thin and I slept 14 hours every weekend, and I brushed my hair at LEAST three times a week and I never wore jelly on my leg EVER unless I expected somebody over age 18 wanted to lick it off and my story books had sex scenes and nobody ever ever ever said MOOMMMMMM in that whiny little spoiled crybaby voice because she wanted more more vodka in her apple juice!!!!"
    Or maybe that was just me ... Damn, motherhood is hard!