Sunday, February 6, 2011

What if one day, mom just said, 'No?'

The other morning I was lying in bed in that blissful half-asleep state, and it was cozy and warm and quiet, when suddenly I heard it. The unmistakable scrape of the snow plow coming down my street.

I should have been happy, I know. I'd actually be able to get out of the driveway. But I wasn't. I was sick of winter, tired of being cold. And as I awakened and thought of all the chores the day had in store, I briefly - for just one, crazy moment - thought about just saying "No."

I wouldn't get up. The kids would stay home from school. Those projects at work? Well, someone else would do them, I guess. The laundry would stay in its overwhelmingly high pile, and the groceries that we needed would still be needed tomorrow.

We'd just all take a break from life - from winter, specifically. We'd stay warm and snug inside, watch cartoons, read books, eat leftovers, nap and simply not answer the phone.

It didn't happen. I got up - of course I did. Any mom knows it's not that easy to just stop - there's far too much momentum to put on the brakes that fast. But for a moment ... for just a minute there ... isn't it tempting to think about?


  1. Cute post. Sometimes i just want to say no when it's time for diaper changes, lol..yet I always manage to muster up the energy to do it..

  2. LOL!!! I could see how an impending diaper change could make you pull the covers over your head! (Of course, waiting just makes it worse!)

    I really don't have THAT much trouble getting up, usually. It's just all this SNOW. It's zapping me, I swear!

  3. I'm getting tired of temps in the teens but then I think I could be North Dakota with temps below zero. Guess I'll enjoy a heat wave when it hits 25.

  4. Love you blog and your posts are fun to read, following!