Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shopping for Halloween? Better hurry ... it's later than you think

Last year, I was taken by surprise. I went shopping for Halloween decorations in mid-October, only to be met by  bare shelves, a couple of sad-looking skeletons and a few assorted window clings.

Primarily, I saw a lot of Christmas angels and sparkling candy canes.

I'm sure I had the same look of outrage on my face as when I went out looking for snow pants in November and found shelves of T-shirts and ads for bikinis. But that's a different story.

So this year,I planned ahead. Far ahead.

I started trolling the craft aisles at Michael's and Hobby Lobby early this month, noticing when the back-to-school items disappeared and the spooky, creepy decorations appeared in full force.  I've been checking out the dollar stores and wandering the home decor areas at department stores.

I watched for those clearance flyers to start appearing, which they have, and although my husband thinks I'm crazy, I feel much more prepared to fill the goodie bags for the class Halloween party this year.

Sure it's early, but our yard is already starting to look a little festive, too.

Now if only I'm not too late to get a few pairs of snow pants.

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  1. Yes, I know how you feel. Everything is out right now and I guess I better get on it too. Sad that retailers have us shopping for this stuff so early and then smoosh all the holidays together. MerryThanksGiveOWeen!!! Drives me nuts!